Virgo man dating libra woman

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Apparently you’re wondering how he could opt out when everything was so grand and here is the little bit you’re missing. Whatever it was, but it was not ‘good and fantastic” as you describe it, at least not from his perspective and looking in this direction will lead you to the door out.

Instead of going on and on in your mind pining for this great thing you lost, try to stand in his shoes.

That is by playing mind games Once they win that game they happily laugh about it thinking that they won, how you’ve been such a fool and bla bla bla They're very insecure, keep analyzing themselves over and over again. They love to talk deep matters so that they can gossip about it and make themselves feel superior.

They're also sadists, they always support the underdog and if the underdog win they feel as if they won and the day that underdog starts succeeding a lot they start cursing them and talking about thier negatives to everyone that how shit they are.

Perhaps that’s the key to living with his criticism: he’s not saying that you’re “bad,” just that you’re doing whatever you’re doing in a less-than-efficient manner.

Venus can get caught up in concerns about her approval rating, but Mercury doesn’t vote in popularity contests.

Try to hear what he is telling you; if not in words then by the choice he’s made.

So really, it’s like the whole team has gone home and you’re still standing there on the mound, wondering…

Best is stay away from them because the day they will kick you when you're are down you can't ever get out of the way you been fooled and how unfairly you've been treated.

Remember one thing you don't owe these assholes a shit, so stop worrying and lice your life Be Happy!

It’s the ‘finding fault with me’ that is a challenge…how can a Libra woman who appreciates balance, beauty, and brains be patient enough and strong enough to get through this? Libra is ruled by relationship-focused Venus, whereas Virgo’s planetary ruler is mental Mercury. They have completely different ways of experiencing the world.

The Virgo man is kind, generous, caring, and seems to love me but he sure can get critical and grumpy sometimes! Mercury doesn’t care about making peace; he doesn’t even have value judgments.

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