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Demi recently shared a lot about herself in a documentary, showing how far she's come but revealing that she still has a ways to go.For the past month or so, people have been very, very interested in Demi Lovato's sexual orientation."He's seen it all and loves me equally, and it gives me confidence to know that." Wilmer echoed similar sentiments about his girl, calling Demi his "f--king soul mate" in a funny text conversation that surfaced online.In fact, when Lovato called into a New Zealand radio station and was asked if she hoped to marry her beau soon, Lovato was as honest as ever. I think—we will probably wait a little bit longer, but—if he asked tomorrow I would say yes," Lovato said.The topic of marriage was often brought up with these two, and in February, Ellen De Generes made mention that she didn't see a ring on that finger, but Demi wasn't sweating it."We've been together this long..obviously I'm not going anywhere," she said.

The invite, which also bore the date and time of the forthcoming event and the name Jesse, left fans wondering who she’ll be walking down the aisle with in the video.“IF WILMER ISN’T THERE IM GONNA THROW SOME HANDS,” on fan wrote.Another added: “PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE MARRYING NICK JONAS.” Yesterday, Lovato provoked more wedding questions when she posted a “Save the Date” on Instagram.Several surmised that it could be star Jesse Williams.“Demi Lovato and Jesse Williams in a music video together?

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