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In a moment, Grace, said Royston, his voice firm over the phone. He had given Grace an online nickname on Messenger a very apt one reflecting her new status in the office. Email comments to darkavenger at CHAPTER 1 (MF, nc, humiliation, toy) ==================================== Grace walked across the polished marble corridor of the office. Then she saw Ming glancing at her very short skirt. As the elevator door closed with the two ladies inside, Ming said, You dont mind if I say something Grace? Which is great Why, thanks Grace smiled quizzedly, knowing that there would be a but coming up.

Carefully, she reached down, hooked her thumbs over the elastic band of her panties and tugged them down to her knees. Then using one hand she pulled the wet undergarment to her ankles and stepped out of them one foot at a time.

The six inch heels that was the second thing that transformed the men in the office to a bunch of bumbling boys whenever they saw Grace walk past their jaws would drop, and they would be reduced to a primal state with eyes bulging, hormones raging in their brains and loins, and scarcely anything else would matter.

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She peered up from her computer to check that nobody would accidentally see her mouth crammed full if they walked by her cubicle. She was already one of the prettiest executives in the company - confident, capable, sexy and with an ambition to match. Grace turned around and saw that it was Ming, from Mr Kos department. Ming asked, glancing at the staircase in the foyer which led to the second floor where Grace sat in the office. you know Um yes Grace nodded, finally seeing where the conversation was leading to. Ming pulled down the material of Graces skirt that had ridden up her thighs.He sent to her hotel a pair of black pumps with six-inch stiletto heels. Her new shoes forced her feet to arch dramatically, supporting her entire weight on her toes. This squeezed her toes together, adding to the already enormous strain on her feet.Royston was well aware that for a woman walking around on the flats of her toes while her ankle is up at an almost ninety-degree angle to her toes, her calves will become taut and almost all men love shapely, well- formed, defined calves.With her hands full, she could not pull down her skirt, and she was afraid that she might drop the cup if she tried to transfer it to one hand now.Grace decided she was almost at the top already, so she continued climbing the staircase.

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