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On Item Updating the following gets me new values: Text Box Fname = (Text Box) dv Test. Please refer my current code below and point out the my logical exception. Query String["id] is used to get the record on the page. Find Control("Text Box1"); string middle Initial = ((Text Box) dv Test. Note that code posted below is different to my earlier version as i created another app to test this during weekend. User gets to this(Details View) page from previous page (where Grid View control is used as Master). Please see code below: Protected Sub dv Email Details_Item Command(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Here is my code:'s request for superreview: Bug 34591: Make updating unread newsgroup counts controlled by a pref. The details view is populated from a gridview on a separate page. in your code behind you're going to have an eevent... NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Beta In this article, Scott discusses the recently released beta version of Visual Studio 2008 and . But now when the user enters some text and clicks update and I execute e.cancel because some data was invalid, all the user's changes are lost... Actually, I want to do the same thing with the Insert(Add) button. I added to the edit item template of that field a simple label control, and i want to change the color of the control to red, whenever the user updates the page. Page { DBConnect my DBConnection; protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) private void Bind Details View() { string rowid = Request. Insert and Update in Detailsview Control Hi, I am trying to insert and update the data through Detailsview Control, I have four text boxes inside the control, how to get the values from these textboxes at the time of Detailsview_Item Inserting and Detailsview_Items Updating? “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you try Textbox t = (Textbox)findcontrol("textboxname")Vikram mark the answer if it helped you Hi, I couldn't use Textbox t = (Textbox)findcontrol("textboxname") inside my Detailsview_Itemsinserting Eve... You will want to put Auto Post Back="true" on your List Box declaration.In the Gridview and Detailsview controls, there is an Item Updating event where you can set e. In the Reorder List, I only see an On Update Command event, which I assume fires before the update takes place, but I can't figure out how to cancel the update. Detailsview update and cancel help I am using vs2005 and C#. I am not sure what the required steps are to get the detailsview update and cancel buttons to work .

And even if i place the command in the Post Back it doesn't work, any suggestions. Also add 1 trigger to it with the Control ID pointing to your listbox, and the event Name as Selected Index Changed(the event your listbox will fire when selected is change).

Note: I´m not using a datasource component in my application (Sql Data Source, Object Data Source, Entity Data Source, etc.).

NET 4.0 (Web Forms) A snippet of code that I believe to be relevant below: The problem is that if I want to handle the old values, I can´t: this, evaluates to 0: int old Values Count = e. Count; and this, evaluates to null, even if I alter the value to a new one: string company Name Old = e.

You use it to change or update any values, prior to the data being written back to the data store.

You would either access the values via index or key.

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