Dating in medeival times

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In ancient times, pools and wells were thought to be home to water spirits or deities, and offerings to them were thrown into the water to ensure fertility or success.

During the medieval period many ancient sacred springs became associated with saints who replaced the water spirits.

So for centuries, hosts avoided having 13 people seated round a dining table, convinced that the first person to leave would die within the year.

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The cake was broken over the bride’s head to ensure a fertile and prosperous marriage, and the guests scrambled to pick up the crumbs of good luck, which is why even today small pieces of wedding cake are sent to guests who can’t attend.To protect yourself against someone ‘overlooking’ you with the evil eye, you could spit, cross your fingers, carry iron, wear a red thread, or, as they do in many parts of southern Europe today, wear a blue bead or the image of an open hand.Pebbles or small stones with a natural hole through them are frequently used as key rings or hung up near doors and windows for decoration.Many brides wear a lucky garter under their wedding gowns.In ancient times, bridal garments were considered blessed, and the bride would have all her clothes ripped from her by the guests on the wedding night as everyone tried to snatch a piece.

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