Cypriot women dating

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The conflicts among these rival groups played a major role in the turbulent history of Cyprus.The island's Greek heritage dates back to the Achaeans from southern Greece, who settled there between 20 1571 to 1878. After World War I (1914–18), Britain gained formal possession of the island.The name Cyprus comes from the Greek word for copper ( kypros ).The island's rich copper deposits first appealed to the foreign powers from the eastern Mediterranean coast.Despite differences in pronunciation, the Greek Cypriots share the twenty-four-letter alphabet of the Greek mainland, which appears and is pronounced as follows: Digenis Akritas is a character from an ancient epic poem whose author is not known.Digenis often battled the deathly grip of Charon, the ferryman on the river between life and death, before he finally died.On the ground level of the church, men usually also sit on one side and women on the other.

The major religion of the Greek Cypriot population is Greek Orthodox.Many Cypriots stay home from work on the Monday and Tuesday following Easter.Kataklysmos, a holiday exclusive to Cyprus, is celebrated on Pentecost, fifty days after Easter.However, political unrest continued through the 1960s.In 1974, the Greek National guard overthrew the government of Archbishop Makarios III (1913–77).

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