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The Registered Ports are those from 1024 through 49151 DCCP Registered ports SHOULD NOT be used without IANA registration.

The registration procedure is defined in [RFC4340], Section 19.9. Galligher # 745-746 Unassigned fujitsu-dev 747/tcp Fujitsu Device Control fujitsu-dev 747/udp Fujitsu Device Control ris-cm 748/tcp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager ris-cm 748/udp Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager kerberos-adm 749/tcp kerberos administration kerberos-adm 749/udp kerberos administration rfile 750/tcp loadav 750/udp kerberos-iv 750/udp kerberos version iv # Martin Hamilton # 755-756 Unassigned nlogin 758/tcp nlogin 758/udp con 759/tcp con 759/udp ns 760/tcp ns 760/udp rxe 761/tcp rxe 761/udp quotad 762/tcp quotad 762/udp cycleserv 763/tcp cycleserv 763/udp omserv 764/tcp omserv 764/udp webster 765/tcp webster 765/udp # Josyula R.

The port numbers are divided into three ranges: the Well Known Ports, the Registered Ports, and the Dynamic and/or Private Ports.

For the purpose of providing services to unknown callers, a service contact port is defined. This list specifies the port used by the server process as its contact port. Ludwig fujitsu-dtc 1513/tcp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc fujitsu-dtc 1513/udp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc fujitsu-dtcns 1514/tcp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc fujitsu-dtcns 1514/udp Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc # Charles A.

Ligon edm-manager 3460/tcp EDM Manger edm-manager 3460/udp EDM Manger edm-stager 3461/tcp EDM Stager edm-stager 3461/udp EDM Stager edm-std-notify 3462/tcp EDM STD Notify edm-std-notify 3462/udp EDM STD Notify edm-adm-notify 3463/tcp EDM ADM Notify edm-adm-notify 3463/udp EDM ADM Notify edm-mgr-sync 3464/tcp EDM MGR Sync edm-mgr-sync 3464/udp EDM MGR Sync edm-mgr-cntrl 3465/tcp EDM MGR Cntrl edm-mgr-cntrl 3465/udp EDM MGR Cntrl # Tom Hennessy April 2002 stun 3478/tcp Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) port stun 3478/udp Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) port # [RFC5389] turn 3478/tcp TURN over TCP turn 3478/udp TURN over UDP # [RFC5766] stun-behavior 3478/tcp STUN Behavior Discovery over TCP stun-behavior 3478/udp STUN Behavior Discovery over UDP # [RFC5780] twrpc 3479/tcp 2Wire RPC twrpc 3479/udp 2Wire RPC # 2Wire IANA Contact avinstalldisc 3502/tcp Avocent Install Discovery avinstalldisc 3502/udp Avocent Install Discovery # Brian S.

Stewart lsp-ping 3503/tcp MPLS LSP-echo Port lsp-ping 3503/udp MPLS LSP-echo Port # [RFC4379] ironstorm 3504/tcp Iron Storm game server ironstorm 3504/udp Iron Storm game server # Arnaud Clermonte June 2002 raven-rmp 3532/tcp Raven Remote Management Control raven-rmp 3532/udp Raven Remote Management Control raven-rdp 3533/tcp Raven Remote Management Data raven-rdp 3533/udp Raven Remote Management Data # Daniel Sorlov July 2002 ibm-diradm 3538/tcp IBM Directory Server ibm-diradm 3538/udp IBM Directory Server ibm-diradm-ssl 3539/tcp IBM Directory Server SSL ibm-diradm-ssl 3539/udp IBM Directory Server SSL # Mark Cavage August 2002 mccwebsvr-port 3570/tcp MCC Web Server Port mccwebsvr-port 3570/udp MCC Web Server Port megardsvr-port 3571/tcp Mega RAID Server Port megardsvr-port 3571/udp Mega RAID Server Port megaregsvrport 3572/tcp Registration Server Port megaregsvrport 3572/udp Registration Server Port # Sreenivas Bagalkote August 2002 kfxaclicensing 3581/tcp Ascent Capture Licensing kfxaclicensing 3581/udp Ascent Capture Licensing # Brad Hamilton August 2002 press 3582/tcp PEG PRESS Server press 3582/udp PEG PRESS Server # Jim De Lisle August 2002 u-dbap 3584/tcp U-DBase Access Protocol u-dbap 3584/udp U-DBase Access Protocol # Bodo Rueskamp August 2002 emprise-lls 3585/tcp Emprise License Server emprise-lls 3585/udp Emprise License Server emprise-lsc 3586/tcp License Server Console emprise-lsc 3586/udp License Server Console # James J.

Sridhar sns-dispatcher 2657/tcp SNS Dispatcher sns-dispatcher 2657/udp SNS Dispatcher sns-admin 2658/tcp SNS Admin sns-admin 2658/udp SNS Admin sns-query 2659/tcp SNS Query sns-query 2659/udp SNS Query # Mary Holstege bintec-capi 2662/tcp Bin Tec-CAPI bintec-capi 2662/udp Bin Tec-CAPI bintec-tapi 2663/tcp Bin Tec-TAPI bintec-tapi 2663/udp Bin Tec-TAPI # patrol-mq-gm 2664/tcp Patrol for MQ GM patrol-mq-gm 2664/udp Patrol for MQ GM patrol-mq-nm 2665/tcp Patrol for MQ NM patrol-mq-nm 2665/udp Patrol for MQ NM # Portnoy Boxman alarm-clock-s 2667/tcp Alarm Clock Server alarm-clock-s 2667/udp Alarm Clock Server alarm-clock-c 2668/tcp Alarm Clock Client alarm-clock-c 2668/udp Alarm Clock Client toad 2669/tcp TOAD toad 2669/udp TOAD # Michael Marking sms-rcinfo 2701/tcp SMS RCINFO sms-rcinfo 2701/udp SMS RCINFO sms-xfer 2702/tcp SMS XFER sms-xfer 2702/udp SMS XFER sms-chat 2703/tcp SMS CHAT sms-chat 2703/udp SMS CHAT sms-remctrl 2704/tcp SMS REMCTRL sms-remctrl 2704/udp SMS REMCTRL # Tom Friend fjippol-swrly 2747/tcp fjippol-swrly 2747/udp fjippol-polsvr 2748/tcp fjippol-polsvr 2748/udp fjippol-cnsl 2749/tcp fjippol-cnsl 2749/udp fjippol-port1 2750/tcp fjippol-port1 2750/udp fjippol-port2 2751/tcp fjippol-port2 2751/udp # Shoichi Tachibana ridgeway1 2776/tcp Ridgeway Systems & Software ridgeway1 2776/udp Ridgeway Systems & Software ridgeway2 2777/tcp Ridgeway Systems & Software ridgeway2 2777/udp Ridgeway Systems & Software # Steve Read www-dev 2784/tcp world wide web - development www-dev 2784/udp world wide web - development aic-np 2785/tcp aic-np aic-np 2785/udp aic-np # Brad Parker aic-oncrpc 2786/tcp aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database aic-oncrpc 2786/udp aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database # Brad Parker piccolo 2787/tcp piccolo - Cornerstone Software piccolo 2787/udp piccolo - Cornerstone Software # Dave Bellivea dvr-esm 2804/tcp March Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products dvr-esm 2804/udp March Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products # Paul Streatch # 2825 (unassigned) Possibly assigned slc-systemlog 2826/tcp slc systemlog slc-systemlog 2826/udp slc systemlog slc-ctrlrloops 2827/tcp slc ctrlrloops slc-ctrlrloops 2827/udp slc ctrlrloops # Erwin Hogeweg aimpp-hello 2846/tcp AIMPP Hello aimpp-hello 2846/udp AIMPP Hello aimpp-port-req 2847/tcp AIMPP Port Req aimpp-port-req 2847/udp AIMPP Port Req # Brian Martinicky # amt-blc-port 2848/tcp AMT-BLC-PORT amt-blc-port 2848/udp AMT-BLC-PORT # Sandra Frulloni # 2873 Unassigned (Removed 2003-07-23) dxmessagebase1 2874/tcp DX Message Base Transport Protocol dxmessagebase1 2874/udp DX Message Base Transport Protocol dxmessagebase2 2875/tcp DX Message Base Transport Protocol dxmessagebase2 2875/udp DX Message Base Transport Protocol # Previous contact: Ozz Nixon sm-pas-1 2938/tcp SM-PAS-1 sm-pas-1 2938/udp SM-PAS-1 sm-pas-2 2939/tcp SM-PAS-2 sm-pas-2 2939/udp SM-PAS-2 sm-pas-3 2940/tcp SM-PAS-3 sm-pas-3 2940/udp SM-PAS-3 sm-pas-4 2941/tcp SM-PAS-4 sm-pas-4 2941/udp SM-PAS-4 sm-pas-5 2942/tcp SM-PAS-5 sm-pas-5 2942/udp SM-PAS-5 # Tom Haapanen ttc-etap-ns 2977/tcp TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS ttc-etap-ns 2977/udp TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS ttc-etap-ds 2978/tcp TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS ttc-etap-ds 2978/udp TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS # Daniel Becker avenyo 2992/tcp Avenyo Server avenyo 2992/udp Avenyo Server # Bodo Rueskamp veritas-vis1 2993/tcp VERITAS VIS1 veritas-vis1 2993/udp VERITAS VIS1 veritas-vis2 2994/tcp VERITAS VIS2 veritas-vis2 2994/udp VERITAS VIS2 # Dinkar Chivaluri Lieb Dev Mgmt_C 3027/tcp Lieb Dev Mgmt_C Lieb Dev Mgmt_C 3027/udp Lieb Dev Mgmt_C Lieb Dev Mgmt_DM 3028/tcp Lieb Dev Mgmt_DM Lieb Dev Mgmt_DM 3028/udp Lieb Dev Mgmt_DM Lieb Dev Mgmt_A 3029/tcp Lieb Dev Mgmt_A Lieb Dev Mgmt_A 3029/udp Lieb Dev Mgmt_A # Mike Velten cautcpd 3061/tcp cautcpd cautcpd 3061/udp cautcpd ncacn-ip-tcp 3062/tcp ncacn-ip-tcp ncacn-ip-tcp 3062/udp ncacn-ip-tcp ncadg-ip-udp 3063/tcp ncadg-ip-udp ncadg-ip-udp 3063/udp ncadg-ip-udp # Gabi Kalmar csd-mgmt-port 3071/tcp Continu Stor Manager Port csd-mgmt-port 3071/udp Continu Stor Manager Port csd-monitor 3072/tcp Continu Stor Monitor Port csd-monitor 3072/udp Continu Stor Monitor Port # Ray Jantz orbix-locator 3075/tcp Orbix 2000 Locator orbix-locator 3075/udp Orbix 2000 Locator orbix-config 3076/tcp Orbix 2000 Config orbix-config 3076/udp Orbix 2000 Config orbix-loc-ssl 3077/tcp Orbix 2000 Locator SSL orbix-loc-ssl 3077/udp Orbix 2000 Locator SSL orbix-cfg-ssl 3078/tcp Orbix 2000 Locator SSL orbix-cfg-ssl 3078/udp Orbix 2000 Locator SSL # Eric Newcomer # 3092 Unassigned (Returned 2008-04-22) rapidmq-center 3093/tcp Jiiva Rapid MQ Center rapidmq-center 3093/udp Jiiva Rapid MQ Center rapidmq-reg 3094/tcp Jiiva Rapid MQ Registry rapidmq-reg 3094/udp Jiiva Rapid MQ Registry # Mark Ericksen business 3107/tcp Business protocol business 3107/udp Business protocol geolocate 3108/tcp Geolocate protocol geolocate 3108/udp Geolocate protocol personnel 3109/tcp Personnel protocol personnel 3109/udp Personnel protocol # William Randolph Royere III # mctet-master 3115/tcp MCTET Master mctet-master 3115/udp MCTET Master mctet-gateway 3116/tcp MCTET Gateway mctet-gateway 3116/udp MCTET Gateway mctet-jserv 3117/tcp MCTET Jserv mctet-jserv 3117/udp MCTET Jserv # Portnoy Boxman nm-game-admin 3148/tcp Net Mike Game Administrator nm-game-admin 3148/udp Net Mike Game Administrator nm-game-server 3149/tcp Net Mike Game Server nm-game-server 3149/udp Net Mike Game Server nm-asses-admin 3150/tcp Net Mike Assessor Administrator nm-asses-admin 3150/udp Net Mike Assessor Administrator nm-assessor 3151/tcp Net Mike Assessor nm-assessor 3151/udp Net Mike Assessor # Andrew Sharpe indura 3156/tcp Indura Collector indura 3156/udp Indura Collector # Bruce Kosbab e3consultants 3157/tcp CCC Listener Port e3consultants 3157/udp CCC Listener Port # Brian Carnell stvp 3158/tcp Smash TV Protocol stvp 3158/udp Smash TV Protocol # Christian Wolff 23 October 2008 nowcontact 3167/tcp Now Contact Public Server nowcontact 3167/udp Now Contact Public Server poweronnud 3168/tcp Now Up-to-Date Public Server poweronnud 3168/udp Now Up-to-Date Public Server # John Wallace serverview-as 3169/tcp SERVERVIEW-AS serverview-as 3169/udp SERVERVIEW-AS serverview-asn 3170/tcp SERVERVIEW-ASN serverview-asn 3170/udp SERVERVIEW-ASN serverview-gf 3171/tcp SERVERVIEW-GF serverview-gf 3171/udp SERVERVIEW-GF serverview-rm 3172/tcp SERVERVIEW-RM serverview-rm 3172/udp SERVERVIEW-RM serverview-icc 3173/tcp SERVERVIEW-ICC serverview-icc 3173/udp SERVERVIEW-ICC # Detlef Rothe embrace-dp-s 3197/tcp Embrace Device Protocol Server embrace-dp-s 3197/udp Embrace Device Protocol Server embrace-dp-c 3198/tcp Embrace Device Protocol Client embrace-dp-c 3198/udp Embrace Device Protocol Client # Elliot Schwartz netwatcher-mon 3203/tcp Network Watcher Monitor netwatcher-mon 3203/udp Network Watcher Monitor netwatcher-db 3204/tcp Network Watcher DB Access netwatcher-db 3204/udp Network Watcher DB Access # Hirokazu Fujisawa avsecuremgmt 3211/tcp Avocent Secure Management avsecuremgmt 3211/udp Avocent Secure Management # Brian S.

Stewart surveyinst 3212/tcp Survey Instrument surveyinst 3212/udp Survey Instrument # Al Amet February 2002 apparenet-ts 3236/tcp appare Net Test Server apparenet-ts 3236/udp appare Net Test Server apparenet-tps 3237/tcp appare Net Test Packet Sequencer apparenet-tps 3237/udp appare Net Test Packet Sequencer apparenet-as 3238/tcp appare Net Analysis Server apparenet-as 3238/udp appare Net Analysis Server apparenet-ui 3239/tcp appare Net User Interface apparenet-ui 3239/udp appare Net User Interface # Fred Klassen February 2002 cpqrpm-agent 3256/tcp Compaq RPM Agent Port cpqrpm-agent 3256/udp Compaq RPM Agent Port cpqrpm-server 3257/tcp Compaq RPM Server Port cpqrpm-server 3257/udp Compaq RPM Server Port # Royal King msft-gc 3268/tcp Microsoft Global Catalog msft-gc 3268/udp Microsoft Global Catalog msft-gc-ssl 3269/tcp Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL msft-gc-ssl 3269/udp Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL # Asaf Kashi appman-server 3312/tcp Application Management Server appman-server 3312/udp Application Management Server uorb 3313/tcp Unify Object Broker uorb 3313/udp Unify Object Broker uohost 3314/tcp Unify Object Host uohost 3314/udp Unify Object Host # Duane Gibson mcs-calypsoicf 3330/tcp MCS Calypso ICF mcs-calypsoicf 3330/udp MCS Calypso ICF mcs-messaging 3331/tcp MCS Messaging mcs-messaging 3331/udp MCS Messaging mcs-mailsvr 3332/tcp MCS Mail Server mcs-mailsvr 3332/udp MCS Mail Server # Patti Jo Newsom directv-web 3334/tcp Direct TV Webcasting directv-web 3334/udp Direct TV Webcasting directv-soft 3335/tcp Direct TV Software Updates directv-soft 3335/udp Direct TV Software Updates directv-tick 3336/tcp Direct TV Tickers directv-tick 3336/udp Direct TV Tickers directv-catlg 3337/tcp Direct TV Data Catalog directv-catlg 3337/udp Direct TV Data Catalog # Michael Friedman anet-b 3338/tcp OMF data b anet-b 3338/udp OMF data b anet-l 3339/tcp OMF data l anet-l 3339/udp OMF data l anet-m 3340/tcp OMF data m anet-m 3340/udp OMF data m anet-h 3341/tcp OMF data h anet-h 3341/udp OMF data h # Per Sahlqvist creativeserver 3364/tcp Creative Server creativeserver 3364/udp Creative Server contentserver 3365/tcp Content Server contentserver 3365/udp Content Server creativepartnr 3366/tcp Creative Partner creativepartnr 3366/udp Creative Partner # Jesus Ortiz wsicopy 3378/tcp WSICOPY wsicopy 3378/udp WSICOPY # James Overby socorfs 3379/tcp SOCORFS socorfs 3379/udp SOCORFS # Hugo Charbonneau sns-channels 3380/tcp SNS Channels sns-channels 3380/udp SNS Channels # Shekar Pasumarthi d2k-tapestry1 3393/tcp D2K Tapestry Client to Server d2k-tapestry1 3393/udp D2K Tapestry Client to Server d2k-tapestry2 3394/tcp D2K Tapestry Server to Server d2k-tapestry2 3394/udp D2K Tapestry Server to Server # Eric Lan February 2002 # 3403 De-registered on 2006-10-27 # 3404 Removed (2002-05-01) nokia-ann-ch1 3405/tcp Nokia Announcement ch 1 nokia-ann-ch1 3405/udp Nokia Announcement ch 1 nokia-ann-ch2 3406/tcp Nokia Announcement ch 2 nokia-ann-ch2 3406/udp Nokia Announcement ch 2 # Morteza Kalhour February 2002 networklens 3409/tcp Network Lens Event Port networklens 3409/udp Network Lens Event Port networklenss 3410/tcp Network Lens SSL Event networklenss 3410/udp Network Lens SSL Event # Greg Bailey February 2002 ifcp-port 3420/tcp i FCP User Port ifcp-port 3420/udp i FCP User Port # RFC 4172 - September 2005 bmap 3421/tcp Bull Apprise portmapper bmap 3421/udp Bull Apprise portmapper # Jeremy Gilbert February 2002 arkivio 3426/tcp Arkivio Storage Protocol arkivio 3426/udp Arkivio Storage Protocol # Bruce Greenblatt February 2002 websphere-snmp 3427/tcp Web Sphere SNMP websphere-snmp 3427/udp Web Sphere SNMP # Richard Mills April 2002 sabp-signal 3452/tcp SABP-Signalling Protocol sabp-signal 3452/udp SABP-Signalling Protocol # Brendan Mc Williams April 2002 pscupd 3453/tcp PSC Update Port pscupd 3453/udp PSC Update Port # Reid B.

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